What is AXIS Compounding?

Compounded medications are made based on your physician's prescription in which individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient.

Whether it is bio-identical hormones, creams or ointments for the skin or adding a favorite flavor for your child’s medication or masking medication in a treat for your pets, we've got you covered. 

AXIS can compound non-sterile medications for your entire household prescribed by your doctor or veterinarian, custom made. In addition, we check for compatibility of components and use only the highest quality ingredients. We also do transdermal medications and custom
capsule formulations.

AXIS is one of only a few local pharmacies that offers on-site compounding, which means that we will fill your prescription
much sooner than out of state compounding pharmacies.

Who can benefit from AXIS Compounded Medications?

  • Patients who require different form normal doses,
    such as infants, children and pets.


  • Patients who require a different dosage form, such
    as turning pills into liquid or transdermal cream.


  • Patients who may be allergic to an inactive ingredient
    in their medication, such as gluten or dye.


  • Patients who need discontinued drugs.

  • Patients who want a flavor added to medication
    to make it easier to take, such as children and pets.


  • Veterinarians who want to change dosage, forms or flavor.

AXIS can provide the following:

  • Unique dosage forms containing the best dose of medication for each individual.

  • Medications in dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as transdermal gels, troches, “chewies”,
    and lollipops.


  • Medications free of problem-causing excipients such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.

  • Combinations of various compatible medications into a single dosage form for easier administration and improved compliance.

  • Medications that are not commercially available.

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