• Beth Sanger

Compounding 101

Compounding is the age-old art of formulating medications. What exactly does this mean? Its means a pharmacist, with your doctor’s prescription (formula), produces a medicine that is designed just for you.

Recently, there have been some negative news stories from other states where compounding pharmacies have made mistakes or have been involved in dishonest practices. At AXIS Pharmacy Northwest, we pride ourselves in working with your provider to formulate medication that you need.

The most common question- Do I need compounding? This of course depends on what you have discussed with your provider and your needs. Here are a few examples of who might need compounding:

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement in a transdermal cream vs. a manufactured pill

  • Allergies to inactive ingredients such as lactose or gluten

  • Children who need flavors to make it go down easier

  • Difficulty in swallowing requiring appropriate alternatives

  • Pets who take human medicines and need proper dosage and/or flavors such as beef or chicken

  • Medications that are no longer manufactured commercially

  • Unique dosages that are not manufactured commercially

  • Medications uniquely suited for administration in topical form.

They best part- many of these compounded prescriptions may be covered by your insurance!

This is simply touching the surface of what compounding is about. For more information please contact our pharmacy at 425-356-3276

We invite you to call our pharmacy and ask question or feel free to contact us through email info@axispharmacy.com or Facebook @ www.facebook.com/shirazpharmacy. One of our skilled pharmacists will be glad to help!